Official FKN ARMY is on TikTok

All of our giveaways, funds raised and videos are on TikTok | FKN ARMY #strongertogether

We have spent a long time creating an amazing community of FKN Army members and followers! Please make sure to check out our TikTok page regularly and follow us! Please show support wherever you can! If you can't join as a member, donate, if you can't donate, comment and like our posts! Share it and you might lend a helping hand exactly where it is needed! : Check the original video here and show some

Follow Us:

Tik Tok: FKN Army : @fknarmy | Malcom - @malcolm_fkn_wentzel | Kiki - @kiki_la_coco

Instagram: Malcom - @malcolm_fkn_wentzel_official | Kiki - @kiki.lacoco Jaco

Facebook: @thewentzelfamily

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