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SA Stories with Malcolm, Kiki and Thembi

At the end of 2020, Malcolm, Kiki and Thembi had amassed a large following on social media through authentic posts around their lives and their pranks between one another! The internet absolutely loved them, as they began to create a family of followers, a community and a space for entertainment, inspiration and light-hearted fun. Village Community Cast came through to interview the team about the real stories, capturing moments and showcasing how they were working with people around the country to bring something special about!

Ilibo Village Community Cast | December 2020 | Youtube

telling the tale of South Africa one story at a time. In today's episode, we celebrate Christmas eve here in South Africa looking into the lives of two incredible individuals, Malcom & Tembi as they share their story, what makes them such a power pair and the wisdom they have acquired in their journey. Follow Malcom Wentzel on Twitter: @WentzelMalcom for more on their life and adventure! Remember to Subscribe, comment, and join in the conversations. #abahlali WA: 073 349 7614 South Africa - our country, our heritage.

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